Friday, 27 March 2015

Blog Launch + My FirstFilofax

Friday, 27 March 2015

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Openquote Designs. This is my first blog post here, so I'm just going to briefly outline what this blog is going about, then talk about my very first Filofax planner.

Essentially I decided to blog because, while researching on printable planners, I kind of got lured into it myself, as I found it really exciting. It is why I decided to put planner printables on my Etsy shop, and the more I made them, the more I fell in love. I want to keep sharing them, so in this blog, I will share tips and videos I find, curating the best ones in one place so that you don't have to waste your time looking everywhere for inspiration and ideas. Also, I plan to share lots of freebies, and the first freebie will be posted later this week! I want to share my planner designs beyond just my shop, so I'm going to make lots of fun, functional printable planners for you to download and print out for free, because you deserve to have your life organised so that you can focus on what's important. I'm also looking into printable stickers and tabs, so do look out for that!

Of course, I have to have my own Filofax... I got it a little while ago, and it's a beautiful Filofax Guildford Mini. I had originally thought of getting an A5-sized one, as I love that size of paper and it's really easy to cut, but it's just too bulky for me, as I wanted to carry it around and I have quite a small bag. The personal would probably be a good size, but the moment I saw this adorable little Filofax, I knew it was the one for me, at least for now and until I figure out if I really want a large one.

I'm generally a pink person (anyone who has met me will know how true that is...), but I just love this black one because it is one of the most versatile colors, and this gives me the option of using different colors and playing around with the design and everything. I noticed that there aren't any pictures of the Filofax Guildford Mini online, which may be due to the fact that it seems available only on the Australian website, so I took some pictures of it. Feel free to pin them, and do be sure to link back so people can find my review! Anyway, without further ado, I present my new baby!

Isn't she just beautiful? I haven't named her yet, so I'm open to suggestions! She's really new, so she doesn't open out flat yet. The leather just feels so lush and soft and lovely... I just love touching it because it feels so good.

What I really like is the slot on the left for the cards that's behind the credit card slots, as it'll be really easy to take things in and out for me, since my fingers just don't work very well with normal card slots. There is also a wallet space at the back that runs all the way across. I like it as it gives me the option as using it as a day-to-day purse, and also so I can keep any larger notes there. As I'm a student, I like to fold some of my condensed notes and carry them with me so I can squeeze in a quick study session any time, but the problem is that they get squished. With my adorable Filofax, I won't have to worry about that any more!

She's empty for now because I'm working on my own planner inserts for her. I already have the design though! It's a cute pink (of course) and green design, and I've actually already uploaded a time management kit in the personal size on Etsy, which you can find here. I'm planning to redesign them for the mini, and include things like to do lists, goals lists, etc. What I have in mind is to use this primarily for basic study planning, brainstorming for Openquote Designs, and just generally for lists of things that I want to keep track of. I currently use a system of Google Spreadsheets for my business, which I will blog about soon, but I also wanted to have a nice physical place to write things down. I write really slowly and my hands get tired, but I do like scribbling bits and doodling a little bit.

That's it from me for now, and I will post again soon with fun freebies for you!